Jio 5g launch date, made in India 5g solution announced

jio 5g

As per the company jio 5g have a lot of implementation on faster mobile internet speed, workforce upscaling, connect to medical devices, and many more improvements.

Reliance organized a meeting every year where they announced their upcoming products. This year in the company’s 43rd annual general meeting (AGM) reliance announced jio has developed a complete 5g solution from scratch and it’s ready for the trails.

What is 5G?

Those who don’t know 5g is a 5th generation mobile network and its new global wireless standard. 5g will provide a new type of network to the people. 5g can connect to machines, objects, and devices. 5g will replace the 4g LTE connections. With a 5g network, you will get faster download and upload speeds.

Jio 5g upgrading and launch date

The chairman of reliance industries said in the AGM meeting that upgrading jio 4G LTE network to 5G would be easy, because it’s converged all IP network architecture.
About the launch date the chairman Mukesh Ambani stating that they will soon start the first test of the service in India because the 5g spectrum is available in and ready for field deployment.

The 5G auction is still to be held in India. The government has delayed the planned 5g spectrum auction until 2021 due to the poor financial year of the telecom industry.

(AGM) Annual general meeting Highlights


In the event reliance introduced some new technologies like jio glass that provide mixed reality and jio tv+.
Reliance industries said that they got Rs.33,737 crores of investment from Google in jio platforms. new ventures also added like health hub, meet, mart.

Reliance Jio partnered with Facebook


Reliance Jio partnered with Facebook. Jio and Facebook started making an eCommerce solution for small businesses and the eCommerce solution will run through WhatsApp. Because WhatsApp has a lot of users in India.

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